Wednesday, 31 October 2018


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here is our SECOND PCAS Halloween Competition. Last night, we launched our first with prizes of Warner Brothers Collective Archive release of Hammer films, 'Dracula AD 1972' REMASTERED blu ray! The competition is still live and doesn't close until November 14th! Now we have another remastered Warner Brothers Hammer Dracula film, starring again, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing : 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula'. The last time Cushing and Lee fought as Van Helsing and The Count! Warner has been very generous in also sponsoring this competition and we have FIVE COPIES to give away as prizes!

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO, is answer our competition question, send you answer to us ONLY using our Facebook Message, please. Any answers posted on this post, will be deleted and made void. Lots of luck everyone! It's a SUPERB remastering of a classic and quite different Hammer film, and Lee and Cushing REALLY do their thing! I hope you are having a great Halloween, Good Luck and have fun! - Marcus

THE WARNER BROTHERS Archive Collection release of The Satanic Rites of Dracula will go on release from NOVEMBER 13th 2018. You can palce your order HERE!

ALL PCAS COMPETITIONS are open to everyone, whoever and wherever YOU are! CLICK HERE for the above Warner Brothers / Hammer films DRACULA AD 1972 blu ray COMPETITION! If you want to enter at The FACEBOOK PCAS FAN PAGE, that version of the competition is HERE!

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