Friday, 16 December 2016


NOW AS THE WEEKEND APPROACHES many more of you may be planning to go along and see #ROGUEONE ..and hopefully join the THOUSANDS here and at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, to give us your thoughts on the cinema event that has everyone talking . . . The Return of Peter Cushing's Tarkin to the World of #STARWARS! The sheer volume of messages and emails we have received in the past three days, is quite staggering and unprecedented! So, after your filling our two previous threads and posts, to the point of zero is another opportunity to tell us what you think! NO PLOT details please, many have yet to see the film. . .  You can send us an email which will be moderated and included in another feature here on SUNDAY!  So, don't wait, FIRE off those emails and ....You May Fire When Ready 😜

THE GUARDIAN NEWS PAPER 16th December 2016
'The effect is remarkable, if uncanny, and the technology is breathtaking. How the trick was pulled off remains a mystery as the wizards at Lucas Film and Disney remaining tight-lipped about their achievement. Since the start of cinema, its technical magic has always made us gasp, and seeing Cushing interacting, near seamlessly, with new characters brings a smile to the face'.

THE WASHINGTON POST December 15th 2016
'If “Rogue One” wins an Oscar for effects, Cushing — or rather, “Cushing” — should be in no small part why.

'Under director Gareth Edwards, “Rogue One” represents another marker in the decades-long quest for the best CGI-fashioned human replicas. The filmmakers auditioned actors to “play” Cushing’s Tarkin, settling on BBC soap actor Guy Henry. This Tarkin is thus free of the dreaded “dead eye” effect. Lo, though the effects wizards walk through the “uncanny valley,” Tarkin registers as quite alive — even if his facial proportions sometimes read as ever so slightly off from the Original Trilogy. We are nearing the reality of a fully fleshed-out, CGI-enhanced performance long after an actor has passed.'

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