Monday, 5 December 2016


#MONSTERMONDAY: RODERICK GRISBANE... Monster or Victim?? It can get pretty lonely locked up in a attic room for a few decades. Enough to drive any man crazy! But is that any excuse to go on the rampage??? YOU decide! 

DESPITE WHAT YOU  may have heard or read from others, House of the Long Shadows, is a keeper. Plagued by the opinions of over optimist 'fans', the film is, what is. A one off gathering of four actors, now past the top of their game, but giving their all. For those expecting table leaping, fast chases and gore galore, you need to take a long look at the budget and the collective ages of the veterans at work here. What you do get is the reworking of an old tale. It's the old dark house, seven keys to baldpate... starring the very best. All four, Lee, Cushing, Price and Carradine, get their moment, their entrance and some pithy dialogue. Personally for me, it was the crowning cherry on the top of Cushing career cake! If you were expecting more, you've forgotten the roots from where our midnight horrors sprang from.. tight budgets, rushed schedules and cranked up drama... producers parameters set in stone and from such materials our beloved fantasy classics were hued... so get over yourself.

A FAN BOY I MAYBE, but my life would have been 102 mins the poorer had House of the Long Shadows not been produced, and for just this one time, bring my four fav terror theps together . . . and for that one reason alone, it puts the gripes in... the shadows!


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