Wednesday, 24 August 2016


THREE GREAT GIFS MAKING OUR REQUEST LIST for this week's #GIMMETHEGIFWEDNESDAY. 'The FIRST..!' as Christopher Lee once grimly announced in a Dracula film long from #BruceCrichton. He requested, the moment where Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) is struck by lightning in Hammer's Scars Of Dracula (1970). See Above. 

WHEN THE GIF WAS POSTED on the PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE today, it set off a thread of it's own, when in the description of the GIF also mentioned the connection with Christopher Lee's, 'To The Devil A Daughter' for Hammer in 1976. We said, ' TRIVIA am sure some of you know, that this scene and it's ending, went on to trip up the climax of Christopher Lee role in Hammer films, 'To The Devil A Daughter'... the idea was for Lee's role to be struck by lightening, and everything was et to go on the day, until someone piped up...hey, didn't you get struck by lightening in one of your Dracula films?' Oops... so Lee's Father Michael, was struck by a rock instead... in a very weak ending....' Many of us remembered the ending and the confusion. We followed it up with a post of these two shots, from the Lightening Bolt sequence shots that were filmed, but changed for a different ending...

NEXT CAME ...'GOODNIGHT!' says the Baron…! There are quite a few things people find not to their tastes in Peter Cushing's #theeviloffrankenstein but the are quite a few things that are refreshing and spot of those is the 'black humour ' in the script...this gif captures that perfectly! The GIF was requested by Mat Harrison

OUR NEXT REQUESTED GIF made the website just a few days ago too.  Creature (Christopher Lee) encountering the old blind man (Fred Johnson) in the woods in this classic sequence from Hammer's The Curse Of Frankenstein (1957) was accompanied by the question, 'There is a Cushing's 'The Abominable Snowman' (1957) connection here...can you guess it? '. This was answered by Summer Rhiannon-Elizabeth Miller Vining : 'He was one of the Yeti in the film!'.. which also started a thread on who the eyes of the SNOWMAN featured in the close up in the film, actually belong to?

We had always believed, Jack  Johnson was THE snowman whose eyes we see in the film, ....but INMB credits John Rae, so a pic was provided, so we could chew it over. Stewart Green thought Johnson looked very much like, Michael Gough! So we pinned that theory with a pic too!

AND SO ENDED another entertaining and satisfying couple of GIFS for  another #GIMMETHEGIFWEDNESDAY.

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