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#‎monstermonday‬ DON HENDERSON AS THE GHOUL, from the 1975 film of the same name, is today's 'monster'... made in the good ol tradition of the thing in the attic, and a style from another time, that didn't sit too easy with audiences back in 75, but now...if you can find it, it rewards you with excellent direction and performances, Cushing and Veronica Carlson having the stand out scenes.

SOMETHING THAT I personally can't understand is, why 'the ghoul', in his reveal, was a bit of a disappointment for some.... how about you? . . .

ON POSTING THIS FEATURE at our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE  below are some of the comments shared from our friends and followers . . .

S. GREEN commented:" I haven't seen the film but it is on you tube so i will. I think the reason people are often disappointed is the fault of the poster, it often promises things that the film just cannot match'.

WE REPLIED: I have never thought of it that way, Stewart! I always thought that viewers because of the build up, in the film itself, felt cheated. If I would have any criticism of the reveal scene, it would be, it was over lit...and probably would have been better set in a dark attic..where he lived! Same problem with 'Blood Beast Terror' and 'The Gorgon' just too much light, you can see too much! Think of the film 'Alien' for most of the film, you only see parts of the in the Ghoul, there are suggested shots, feet, hand, but far too much eventually... see what you think!

NICK DIGILIO: LOVE that movie!

F.PASSMORE : "I found this film on a public domain collection, ( a pleasant surprise), and enjoyed it. I understand that perhaps some wanted the ghoul to be more of an undead monster or something, but it was just the woman's mentally-deficient son, so his appearance was not as scary. But the idea of feeding him the flesh of guests was pretty scary on its own".

D.YOUNG:"Love The Ghoul! One of the films responsible for getting me interested in horror in general and Cushing in particular. I remember being scared silly by it though I was perhaps a little young to watch it."

A. KEIL: "The very first time I watched it I thought the Ghoul was a little disappointing only because he uttered the word "Father" at the end and it made me laugh. Since then I watch it on a regular basis.It is a very good film and made a change to find Veronica Carlson playing someone against character with her spoilt demanding ways in the film. I also found Peter Cushing's character rather sad, part real part acting.I always catch it on Youtube".

D.WHITEHEAD: "It's a very dark and bleak film. I do wonder how Peter Cushing coped with such a morbid production so soon after the death of his wife. It's also worth noting the similarities between this and Texas Chain Saw Massacre - very similar plots, albeit realised in very different ways. I've always seen this film as a breaking point between the quainter fantasy-tinged British horror of the 50s and 60s, typified by Hammer, and the darker, crueller American horror movies of the 1970s (such as TCM)". 

B.SABRE: "I liked this film. I needs a proper dvd or bluray release.Its seems to be in the public domain. Known as Night of the Ghoul in the Horror Rises From the Grave collection on dvd.It's seems to be it's only release in the world that I can find!"
WE REPLIED: "Hi Bob, I am not sure about The Ghoul being public domain, or how Brentwood Home Video, managed to get a licence to distribute the film... but the transfer from a VHS copy of all the films in this package makes me suspect that they didn't!"

D.YOUNG: "Love The Ghoul! One of the films responsible for getting me interested in horror in general and Cushing in particular. I remember being scared silly by it though I was perhaps a little young to watch it?" 

J.CLARK: "Peter Cushing gives, in my view, his greatest performance. A nice touch to have his dear wife in a photograph in the film! I have this on VHS PAL Video when it was realeased with the likes of 'Persecution', 'Legend of the Werewolf', 'Island of Terror, 'Masks of Death' et el under The Taste of Fear banner from Lumiere".


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