Wednesday, 25 May 2016


REQUESTED REPOST: I am sure that it hasn't escaped many of you, that TOMORROW marks the anniversary of Peter Cushing's Birth MAY 26th...and of course, the day after, also marks the birthday's of BOTH Christopher Lee AND Vincent Price. We will of course be celebrating here tomorrow with some special posts. TWO NEW UNSEEN pieces of footage from 'The Last Meeting : Interview'....The candid footage of Peter and Christopher Lee's very relaxed chatter with each other, all captured by an eavesdropping camera, recording their stories, anecdotes and much laughter. TWO new clips! There's also a collection of new unpublished photographs from Peter Cushing's long career and time for you to also make any requests you may have!

The following day, we will mark Lee and Price's anniversary too. So, much to see and take part in. So please DO join us during the day!

So when DID YOU see 'STAR WARS'  for the first time?

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