Sunday, 3 January 2016


Today we remember the very talented actor Ray Milland, whose screen career lasted from the 30's all the way into the 80's… and covered multiple genres with his most notable films being The Lost Weekend (1945) (for which he won an oscar) , Dial M For Murder (1954) and the horror classic's The Premature Burial (1962) X The Man with the X-ray eyes (1963) both for Roger Corman. He starred with Peter Cushing in The Uncanny (1977) and The Masks Of Death (1985) ….. Do you have a favourite Milland film?

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  1. the house on nightmare park. ray plays a member of a deranged country house family the british comedian frankie howerd (foster twelvetrees) stumbles upon. And while the movie and frankie do provide a few laughs it does have some genuinely scary moments too - the dance of the dolls sequence among them.


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