Tuesday, 17 August 2021


TODAY, we remember and celebrate, the birthday of actor and writer, Shane Briant. Of the many we 'remembrances and anniversaries', with of course Peter Cushing connections, Shane's is probably one of the very few who for a number of years, my wife and I knew personally. My wife, I would say more so, through a professional connection with the publishing of his books... 

SHANE left us back in May of this year, so this still feels, not so much a memory, but as a gut wobble to a very sad and emotional day. Shane had many friends within the fan world and he made time, for everyone. Always up for self deprecating remarks, quite honest in sharing his feelings and emotions, very true and generous. We miss him, his calls, his unexpected notes and his friendship. 

NOTE: Since May 2021, following Shane's passing, and a quote in a unconnected to us, statement about Shane's health, we will not be answering any questions on how Shane died, his health or his family. Thank you -Marcus

SHANE BRIANT was born London, England in 1946 . He was an English actor and novelist. He studied Law at Trinity College Dublin, but became a professional actor after playing the lead in 'Hamlet' at the Eblana Theatre, Dublin.

BRIANT was probably best known for his roles in four quite different Hammer Films productions; 'Demons of the Mind', 'Straight on Till Morning', 'Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter', and 'Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell', in which he starred as Simon, along side Peter Cushing's Baron Frankenstein, Madeline Smith and the late, Dave Prowse. 

SHANE BRIANT STARRING with #Paul Newman as Cox in the 1973 thriller, 'THE MACKINTOSH MAN'.

SINCE the early 1980's Shane lived and worked as resident in Sydney, Australia with his wife Wendy. During a 25 year span Shane became a regular face on successful and popular Australian television drama and light entertainment including the medic-air rescue show 'All Saints' (1998-2009). In 2012 and 13 Shane appeared in all seven episodes of the HBO serial 'Serangoon Road' as Major Lawrence  Miller, the series was shot in both Australia and Singapore. 2015 Shane appeared in his last tv series, the Australian historical drama 'Gallipoli'. Of all the work Shane did while settled in Australia, he said he was most proud of the children's television series, 'Mission Top Secret' between 1992 and 1995, where he played the main baddie, Neville Savage and hardly a day passed without him being recognised on the streets by fans of the show, in particular surprised children, who told him he was the worst villain, and asked for selfies! 

Remembering Shane Briant August 17th 1946 - May 27th 2021

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