Sunday, 20 January 2019


HERE IS SOMETHING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN. But sadly wasn't. After Hammer films went under and was then restarted and rebooted by the late ROY SKEGGS, the opportunity was there for some to take a first look at the many films and projects that the studio had one time considered for production. Many of these also had Peter Cushing in mind, in the casting along with Christopher Lee. The majority sank even before the ink was dry on the note paper or on Tom Chantrell's poster! The above poster, is a but a 'wouldn't it have been great if..' piece if artwork, we often see here at PCAS. Many are emailed or offered up for posting. Sometimes the idea is better than the artwork, but often, as in this case, the artist has a great skill and has also, come up with a concept, were we back in 1966, Sir James Carrerars would have been all too happy to have added it to his pile of posters and concepts for his backers and to have asked, 'How would like to have a slice of our NEXT production?' 

OFTEN IT IS difficult to connect the artwork be it for funding OR even the theatrical release poster tothe film was devised for. Can YOU connect the artwork with the THREE films these were created for?

AS WE ARE NOW all aware these days, that was exactly how the Carreras formula Carrerars and how often Hammer  budgets were built. Usually, nothing of a script, just three lines typed on a piece of paper, a VERY interesting poster and Sir James doing the sell. Which of course, he was very skilled and sucessful at doing. One can only guess how Cushing would have played his role, how Lee if the money was right would have nailed it, I am sure Pleasence would have been very happy to join in, a lover of Lovecraft and like Lee had already worked with Cushing in quite a few other productions. The opinion at the FACEBOOK PCAS FAN PAGE has been interesting. Some believing we were doing an EARLY April Fool post! Some holding out hope that, this could have been promising, even though films of Lovecraft's work, in the past, had been disppointing, with low budgets and little if any real connection to the orignal plot of the book, it was said to have been based on. Still, the drama and concept creation devised in this poster by WKDart, does give us all, the opportunity to dream on and think . . . 

YOU SEE A VERSION of this behind the scenes photograph very often around the net, but here is a slightly different shot of Peter and Vincent Price during the making of MADHOUSE, being interviewed for BBC programme Film 73 . .

NOT INCLUDING the silk around Peter's neck, can you spot the subtle difference in Peter's appearance, to how he looks in the film? Come tell us at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE!

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