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HAJIME ISHIDA'S MONSTERZINE made a wonderful return in 2013. I know little about Ishidma, except that he edited a very popular and quite excellent magazine / fanzine for fans of the fantasy genre during the 1980's. Sadly, as with many such mags, it bowed out and looked never to return. But like, what appears to be his favorite Horror film character, it CAME BACK, from the GRAVE. And what a return! MONSTERZINE covered an array of monster movies, the classic Universal film catalogue and also the brilliant Godzillia flicks. But, it's the subject of #HAMMERFILMS that seems to hold Hajime's attention and passion. And in particular, their Dracula series of films

TO BE QUITE FRANK I am not not a lover of books on Hammer films, with ACRES of reviews of said films. I quite like to make my own mind up about a film and unless the opinions of the flick, are giving by people who were involved with the production of it, I glaze over. Now I know there are MANY who LOVE reviews, that's why I post them. But me? I am a visual chap. I still like to spend a Sunday afternoon, grazing through my children's picture books, minus the text and a story. A box of crayons, I am game! Simple? Yes, I am. AND YES, it STILL remains a mystery as to how, I EVER got my Degree's and Masters. So, when I first opened a Ishida magazine, I thought I had found the Ambrosia of Hammer Film books. MASSES OF PHOTOGRAPHS. 

YOU SEE, I am also a collector of stills and images. Ishida, edits and publishes the kind of books that present Hammer films, in the most of attractive ways, visually. During 2011 and 2013, MONSTERMAGAZINE also released TWO Photo Album Books. Volume one on the Hammer Dracula series and Volume Two dedicated to the Hammer Frankenstein's. Lovingly Lavish, Sensibly Presented and not shy on sharing a few rare photographs too. The regular MONSTERMAGAZINE also contains a news and features section, but there are still many many pages of images. The dedicated Photo Album's have very little text. Which is just as well, as what there is, is in Japanese. If you LIKE the experience of turning the page and going 'Ooooh!' at the content, The Hajime Ishida's Photo Album's are for you!

IT'S WORTH MENTIONING, that it was HAJIME ISHIDA who for many years, religiously pushed the idea that Hammer films 1958 DRACULA DID contain a shoot of the melting Christopher Lee's Count, in the films final moments. Hajime went along to see the film in the 1960's with a still camera, hidden away on his person and snap a blurred shot of the burning face of Dracula AND the passionate scene with Christopher Lee and Melissa Stribling. Many experts and fans, still refused to listen and insisted the scenes did not exitst, only as still publicity photographs, taken by the set photographer. ALL these amazing shots WERE finally included in the Lionsgate Blu Ray remaster of the film in 2103. They were all cleaned and remastered from a Japanese print, just like the one Hajime saw decades before . . . 

WHAT IS THAT THING???  Yes! It ain't pretty is it? In our continuing dip into Collectable Comic, Mags and Posters featuring the work of Peter Cushing, comes THIS very odd cinema poster for, 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula'. The film had a long tour and presence in cinemas around the globe after it's stunted release in 1973 and with it came weird posters, titles and press kits. In some cases like this one, posters were quickly and cheaply made up, with limited images and resources. I am not absolutely sure of the country where this 'art attack' was displayed and used.

THE STUCK ON WHITE FANGS are 'interesting', also Lee's glowing eyes, but personally, that isn't what has puzzled me most about the pasted up images, that were cobbled together and used to make this poster. Can ANYONE identify and tell me, what is THAT behind the photo of our frantic king vamp?? For years, I have blown up the image, studied it and have drawn a blank! Anyone??? IF you have a suggestion, please come join us at  our post on this NOW at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE!

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