Monday, 20 March 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY: Today our candidate for MM is Billali (Christopher Lee), from Hammer's adventure film She 1965, Ayesha's fanatical priest (Ursula Andress), who wants immortality for himself, believing it is his due after his years of selfless service.

MONSTERMONDAY: Billai (Christopher Lee) attempts to enter the blue flames himself and become immortal from Hammer's She (1965)
Principal photography of She commenced in southern Israel's Negev Desert on 24 August 1964, with scenes also shot at MGM's Elstree Studios in London when Hammer's Bray Studios proved to be too small for the project. It was the most expensive film Hammer had made up until that time, but upon release it was a hit both in North America and in Europe. Somewhat different to the Gothic horrors Hammer were producing at the time, over the years it has mixed reviews from fans. Are you a fan of the film?


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