Thursday, 17 October 2019


TODAY WE ARE MARKING a birthday of an actor, that just a few years ago any Cushing or Star Wars fans and the actor involved would never have believed if you told them, how the three would connect! When the idea of bringing Tarkin back to the big screen, this  actor was very busily working in a UK soap drama... and then come the beginning of December2016 he was thrust into the spotlight, following huge anticipation for the arrival of the STAR WARS movie, #ROGUEONE. But remember, Henry wasn't just playing any character though, this was a role that would split the opinion of Cushing fans, movie goers and Star Wars Followers, the world over....  A Job Well done, Mr Henry 😉 A VERY Happy Birthday to you, have a great day!

A FOOTNOTE to this post, as it  appears on the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE  'On the subject of Tarkin CGI' 'This is one of those little nuts that is never going to be cracked. I think, like all things about film, it depends on your personal perspective... on the week Rogue One was released I did a live ...hour long...interview on WGN radio about the film. I knew, it was going to be tricky. The angle really was 'What do you think? should they have done it, was it ok to put a CGI Cushing of Tarkin in the film?'... and I stand on what I said back then. You'll never please everyone no matter how good the CGI is.. but more to the point, they had the OK of Cushing's estate to do it . . knowing PC well, I trust their judgement. As for the point of, 'It ain't REAL!'... well, I hate to burst your bubble, but hey, this is Star Wars.. it's a fantasy, nothing you are seeing up there is real.. it's a movie.vWould Cushing have ok'ed the idea? Well, as you would have seen from many posts we have shared with here, we are talking about a man who 'created' toy theatres and model actors, he spent months making figures, painted water colours and oils, spent time on the floor setting up his model soldiers, re-enacting battles in his 'miniature gaming', re-creating . . you decide... ;)' - Marcus (pcas)

OUT NOW! ISSUE 155 of the magazine '#FILMFAX' has the cast of the 1983 film 'The House of the Long Shadows' #VincentPrice, #ChristopherLee, #PeterCushing and #JohnCarradine... as part of their #Halloween issue, there is a feature on the film . . . it got a bit of a slapping on its release and after years of a grotty quality VHS release finally made a grand re entrance on blu ray.

ABOVE AND BELOW: 'The House Of The Long Shadows' : The House That Armstrong and Walker built!' Parts ONE and  TWO HERE!

DEPENDING on which release you buy, the extras will range from very good to 'well that is just weird' ... I will say no more. Nice cover. But that pose of Cushing, always looks cut and pasted to me...

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