Monday, 5 August 2019


YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD OF or know Wanda for a whole lot of reasons... the ace 1960's Brit TV series 'UFO', Peter Cushing's 'love it hate it' Tigon horror film about a killer moth 'The Blood Beast Terror', the fact she played a role in a terrific Hammer horror film, mumbling under a paper mache mask for a fair while . . or the fact that she is THE Mum to a quite internationally famous actor...? Personally I LIKE 'The Blood Beast Terror', I like UFO and I love Ventham too 😊 Join in if YOU too want to wish the super Wanda Ventham, A Happy Birthday too, TODAY at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE!

JUST A FEW DAYS AGO, I was put on the spot! A message come though on the FACEBOOK PCASUK Fan Page, with a question, that really got me thinking. 'We are planning a FILM NIGHT at the Whitstable Castle, we would like to dedicate the film we are screening, to Peter Cushing, and are foxed as to which Cushing Hammer film we should screen. Any ideas? I don't know about you, but on the rare occasion I have a spare evening to sit and enjoy one of Peter Cushing's many titles, I usually end up cruising the spines of all 80 odd dvd's and blu rays, then studying the covers, a little dusting and rearranging, before I know, three hours or more has passed, with distractions and procrastination, resulting in not a one disc sliding into the player! I really am the last person to ask, but I did manage after at least an hour or chewing on it, one title. However, knowing often my suggestion may not fit their plans or thinking, I instead suggested the making of a token PCASUK banner very qucikly and throwing the question out to the entire following of the PCASUK FAN PAGE. The many, many, come back suggestions and results were very interesting indeed. If YOU want to add your suggestion to the list in the comments thread, PLEASE do! Here is a link to THAT post, join it with a click HERE! ANY news on the planned evening, I will share as NEWS here at the website, FACEBOOK and other PCASUK social platforms. Stay TUNED 😉   

Friday, 2 August 2019


AS PROMISED HERE is ALBUM TWO of our PCASUK rare behind the scenes gallery from #HAMMERFILMS 1971 classic, 'TWINS OF EVIL'! Some interesting images here, many seen for the first time. NEXT WEEK it's our last album, but we are rolling out an entire gallery of colour transparencies. Cushing and the Collinson Twins along with lighting from Dick Bush and John Hough's direction, look amazing! JOIN US NEXT WEEK!

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