Tuesday, 25 June 2019


THE 1972 AMICUS FILM, 'Asylum' which is featured in our Second Sight Films / PCAS competition this week, was a film that contains quite a sad and poignant role for Peter Cushing, both his character and Cushing in his own life, were dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. After the release of Asylum in the UK, the connection of the role and Cushing own loss, prompted quite a few interviews and features in magazines and newspapers. A few weeks ago, we posted the quite well known photo of Peter sitting at a dresser in his home in Whitstable, with framed photographs of Helen at his side. On posting this pic, I received quite a few messages from many of you out there who were very moved to see Peter looking so remorseful. So, I looked into our files and to find this 'other' photograph from this photo session and post the two here today 😀 The loss of Helen was something from which Peter Cushing never truly recovered, but being the gentleman and brave soul he was, he always managed to push on, to another day ... I hope you like the insert photo - Marcus 😉

ABOVE: YOU CAN bag your chance to win a copy of the LIMITED EDITION BLU RAY SECOND SIGHT FILMS  release of  'ASYLUM' in our PCASUK COMPETITION  right now at our FACEBOOK PCAS FAN PAGE! The competition is open until SATURDAY 29th of June 2019, so there's still time to take the opportunity now!

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