Tuesday, 9 October 2018


A REVAMP to our usual 'Cushing Tuesday Toughy' Banner.. but the questions are of course, just as tricky and maybe tough.DO have a go! Answer will be here on Friday. BUT if you want to join in the fun and think you have CRACKED IT, why not skip over to our FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE where this has just been posted too, and post your ANSWER in the post thread!? Good Luck!

'A PHOTOGRAPH FROM CUSHING'S 'THE BEAST MUST DIE' PLEASE!' is the request from ARTY FACE at the THE FACEBOOK PACS FAN PAGE! YUP! YOUR REQUEST AND WISH is granted, Arty! A RARELY seen press publicity photograph of Peter Cushing as Dr. Christopher Lundgren, in Amicus films, 'The Beast Must Die' from 1974. Interestingly, Around 1972, Robert (Jaws) Shaw expressed an interest in playing the lead role of Tom Newcliffe in this film. Shaw's career had turned a little quiet and the bills had not! Calvin Lockhart got the lead instead! Hammer films, Don (Kiss of the Vampire) Sharp was the first approached to be director. 

'THE BEAST MUST DIE' was eventually directed by Paul Annett, who seriously objected to producer Milton Subotsky's idea of the 'Werewolf Break' gimmick, where the audience were invited to guess 'who the werewolf is!' Subotsky actually hated the script and the film, and 'Beast' was the last horror film produced by Amicus, in which co-founder Subotsky had the involvement of producer...and it all went sadly pear shaped and sour. IS BEAST one of your FAV Cushing Amicus films? Me? I wish it was, but sadly not...

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