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TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY... Peter Wilton Cushing was born today, May 26th 1913.... Please join us in celebrating, leaving your comments and sharing our posts, to mark this very special day and help us to . . . keep the memory alive! 


WE ARE SO LUCKY that Peter Cushing has left us such a large and varied body of work, from his appearances on TV, his writing and of course his film work. And if that wasn't enough, the spirit of the man still echos in everything we do here. When alive, Peter Cushing was so loved and respected. His acts of kindness are still remembered by many who met, worked and knew him. They continue to comment, write and share their stories here at our internet platforms. And editing our content here, is a real joy, when it's always received in the spirit of a man who made so many people happy, and left such an impression on everyone he met.

ABOVE A TREAT for PETER'S BIRTHDAY TODAY . .. here is a NEW clip from our PCAS video series, THE LAST MEETING, all made form the rare and candid video footage that was filmed, when Peter and Christopher not only worked together for the last time, but the last time they actually met before Peters passing a short time later. Peter adored Christopher's company, and this was a very special day for him, as he would hear all his favourite stories, and jokes from his best friend... He was very very happy this day. I hope you too, will smile while watching, what was a very special friendship. With love from us all TODAY and every day...Happy Birthday PETER!

PETER WILTON CUSHING was born on the morning of MONDAY 26th May 1913, at 'Ormandy', Godstone Road, Kenley, Surrey, father George Edward Cushing and mother, Nellie Maria Cushing. Peter's father was a quantity surveyor and Nellie was the daughter of a carpet merchant.

PETER WILTON CUSHING ' ...long curls, tied with a pink ribbon'. Aged just two in 1915. Little Peter had an elder brother, David, three years his senior. It appears that mother Nellie had her heart set on having a girl. 'Wanting 'one of each' she had mitigated any disappointment in my arrival by dressing me in girls frocks!', Cushing recalled..'allowing my hair to grow in long curls, tied with a pink ribbon. Eventually, 'father exerted his gentle authority' ... and Peter was more appropriately attired! .....All of that, began so long ago.

THE CUSHING FAMILY: from bottom to top, David Cushing, Peter's older brother, Mother: Nellie Maria Cushing, Father George Edward Cushing and a young Peter Cushing at the top of the steps! This photograph was taken in the garden of 'Clearview', an Art Deco house on St James Road, Purley, Surrey, Peter's father, a quantity surveyor built the house in the year this photograph was taken, 1926.

ABOVE: The Cushing house in 1982. BELOW: The house and it's garden have been changed by the time was on the market and for sale just three years ago . . .

ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS, it's no hardship, promoting and remembering a gentleman, who is still so dearly loved..who always gets a positive reaction. The fact that his name always gets a smile when mentioned is part of and proof of an amazing legacy. So, lets blow out the candles, raise a glass, celebrate and remember the smiles AND the frights!..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER CUSHING.

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