Monday, 23 April 2018


INDEED, MR BLAKE and very nasty with it! Amicus films, I MONSTER was a big disappointment, for just about everyone all round...including Christopher Lee and Director Stephen Weeks... they BOTH did their very best! The story of producer Subotsky's drive, for the film to be shoot in a weird and hopeless cheapo version of 3D failed...Weeks did shoot a little to keep the producer happy, but soon carried on production, dropping the useless 3D idea. What you get is a very good film, it's pace is slow...but spot on. Christopher Lee makes a very good Mr Blake and Dr Marlowe. YUP, IT IS Jekyll and Hyde.

PETER CUSHING does as expected , as Utterson Mr Marlow's friend. The sets look very good, on set work was shot at Shepperton on what was left of the musical OLIVER. But when it was released, it didn't do very the UK. Europe MUCH better though! It would be very nice if this film one day did get a remaster and blu ray release. Extras including an opportunity for director Stephen Weeks to at last finally tell HIS story, on the making of something that could have been so much better, and his time with Cushing and Lee. Here also are some stills taken behind the scenes, rare pics of all three Cushing, Lee and Weeks obviously working well together on the set . .

LET US KNOW YOUR OPINION of this film. All the interesting emails of your comments will be added to THIS FEATURE! OUR EMAIL is  as usual

ALSO ON SATURDAY The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Facebook Fan Page REOPENED after an absence of six weeks from our Fan Page. There was no big announcement , no fanfare or fuss. Issues that were causing problems with the page, that has over THIRTY THREE THOUSAND followers, have now been fixed and sorted, along with a change in the style of posting. Had it not been for a over a month of emails and messages to this website and my personal facebook account, the page might never have reopen. Just a visit to the page and the mass of Messages and Comments from very pleased members of the page, truly displays not only a HUGE love and affection still for Peter Cushing and his work, but also for the work and role of our PCAS facebook fan page...   


WITH FACEBOOK having issues and losses over the last year, some of the rules and opportunities that made the PCAS FACEBOOK such a success, have changed in the past six months, making the chance of seeing our non profit, unfunded or facebook boosted posts, very difficult even if you were a member. The opportunities taken by some other facebook pages, reposted our rare images, and removed the guide watermark from the still. Several rare hi res images were also copied and sold on ebay. For us this was the final straw, we give away stills and images, on which many we own copyright, with the understanding the watermark is there, to tell anyone who sees the photograph' were they can find us and photographs are not posted for anyone's financial,  it's for helping keep the page and memory of Peter Cushing alive! ALL these issues have now been resolved. Sadly, over seven years of posts and their photographic content have now been deleted and removed from the reopened facebook page. It's a sad cost, for the people who have supported the page since it's launch, and a smack in the wallet from those who have no care for the memory of Peter Cushing. The PCAS Facebook Fan Page is now live . . . . 

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