Tuesday, 27 February 2018



MY APOLOGIES about this website not having an updated post here for the past three days. LOTS of problems have risen at FACEBOOK and OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FAN PAGE. You may or may not know, that FACEBOOK in the last few days has changed things and have made huge implications on any FAN page or GROUP that is popular on FACEBOOK...and has a HUGE following. Like us! Recently, ALL pages are only allowed ONE POST or less to be seen on a news feed per day. EVEN if you are a FOLLOWER or MEMBER of that page. NOW, you have to RESET your news feed and what would be seen there. MOST people have no idea how that is actually physically done OR why they would WANT to do it. So, those issues have in fact, KILLED and ISOLATED ALL our posts on facebook. The solution also is to PAY FACEBOOK anyway from TWENTY POUNDS to THIRTY POUNDS or more, so THEY will promote your posts, for followers to see your posts. We have NEVER had to do that and have ALWAYS had an excellent following, extremely friendly visitors and Cushing fans DAILY, seeing and commenting on our three daily posts. NOT NOW. If we want that, we will HAVE TO PAY or MAKE people change their feeds....not going to happen. We have almost 35 THOUSAND followers there, but over the last two years. facebook has hidden them, their likes, and OUR posts from them. SO... enough is enough. 


PCAS will exist now, in the way it has been most popular HERE at this website, for the last SIX YEARS. Just THIS WEBSITE, TWITTER and our very much liked PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Now without facebook to update, this website will be daily updated, with video feed clips, competitions, prizes, rare photographs and interviews..it will all this website will be THE PCAS base! The Facebook PCAS Fan Page, isn't closing just yet, lots to do, and a whole week at some point to thank everyone for their friendships, supports, making our Facebook PCAS Page, one of the most popular and friendly facebook pages for people who LOVE Hammer films, Peter Cushing and have helped very generously to help make the PAGE a HUGE success over the last EIGHT YEARS!

ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US!  you can contact me at our PCAS email: petercushingpcas@gmail.com

REMEMBER! IF YOU LIKE what you see here at our website, you'll  love our daily themed posts at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  Just click that blue LINK and click LIKE when you get there, and help us . . Keep The Memory Alive!. The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society website, facebook fan page and youtube channel are managed, edited and written by Marcus Brooks, PCAS coordinator since 1979. PCAS is based in the UK and USA

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  1. Sad news, I 'll stay tuned and sharing this publications between my readers!


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