Saturday, 24 February 2018


HERE IS A REMINDER  of what could be the very LAST competition we ever post here on  Peter Cushing Appreciation society Facebook Fan Page. Posting there today, I requested that I would  VERY much appreciate it, if our over 33 Thousand followers, would could click LIKE on this post, as soon as they saw it, so I can see how many are actually seeing the posts posted there. Facebook has proven to be extremely trying and  brought in some very odd habits over the last year, for ANYONE trying to build communication and fun, with people who have joined the page. It has become so frustrating, that despite we only seeing between 20 and 100 of our OVER 33,000 followers clicking like, it feels like the time has come, to actually close this FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. 

ABOVE: THE DAMAGING AND manipulative action FACEBOOK has brought into hiding our posts from people who WANT to see our daily posts . . . by not paying for Facebooks so called boosting, gives Facebook the right to hide anyone's posts . . . 

ABOVE:The results of MAKE or BREAK future depends on followers taking this action. It simplies lets you see our posts, or facebook will hide them... as yet few have made this choice, so we can only guess, people don't want our posts on Facebook...there fore, we will now focus ALL posts every day, HERE at the PCAS website . . .less trouble, and all ready and very clean following, PLUS no Facebook playing games . .   

TODAY I DECIDED to encourage our followers who click like, comment and engage regularly at the PCAS,  to see if we could get an accurate total as how many ARE seeing our likes, following FACEBOOKS recent restructuring, to see of it was still worth while to post several times and day, base our PCAS competitions there..OR to just re-base everything HERE at this website, which DOES have a very healthy following and LOTS of engagement. So, followers at the facebook account were asked to REFIX the recent manipulation of Facebook to MISS our posts, and to set their personal accounts to SEE out posts by picking the button SEE FIRST and click like to this competition post. At the moment just over 150 followers, have engaged for our supposing supposed 33,000 followers.... there is now just 24 hours for this total to improve, before I CLOSE the PCAS facebook page, and instead, focus our energies, competitions and post HERE at this website.We will know the outcome in just over 24 hours. Either way, THIS website, will remain daily and production!

ABOVE: An example of some of the lowers totals gained by THIS website, over the past few days. We did used to get these totals on our Facebook Fan Page too...BEFORE Facebook started their games . . 
IT IS very sad, that after being a leading site at facebook for over eight years now, that we have to opt out and close the fan page. We have had some great time, competitions, had some excellent inaction with true fans over these years. But, Facebook isn't happy unless you are somehow paying or making production towards their advertising productive . . . it didn't start that way, and their recent move to 'de clutter' everyone's accounts, is really their opportunity to push more of their ads and get groups to pay, to be seen. Asking people to CHOOSE which accounts they want to see, over any others, by pressing the SEE ALL POSTS of our page, is a task, most followers, don't understand or want to do.  I have watched them manipulate pages and posts over the last few months, with a constant push by them, to get is to play to be so called 'boosted'. Here was the recent: ' Play just TEN POUNDS and reach 200 followers now!' . ..  why would we want to do that, when we were are all ready reaching 500, WITHOUT paying them to boost us?? It's a con. It's time to leave. Our WEBSITE hits all the followers world-wide, and get very good responses.  Our posts are gathered and shown by google images and posts . .for free! It's time to close the Facebook mess, once and for all. We'll find out shortly . . 

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