Wednesday, 22 November 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLYGIFS! ON SET during the making of Amicus Films, 'MADHOUSE' it's two leading stars, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price walk through their characters greeting on meeting each other . . . cue laughter and jokes about Price's poor Paul Toombes, having been 'away' at the local Hollywood asylum for the last five years. It was by all accounts a difficult film to produce. Under written characters, bulked out in late night writing session between co star Robert Quarry and Vincent. All things considered, you would never know it, when watching the film . . . 

#SILENTBUTDEADLYGIFS! . . . Not so deadly, this one...more charming! Taken from our collection of video clips of the last time Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee worked together...well saw each other, while recording a narration for a Hammer Films documentary.... still playful, still fun and still very much devoted friends. You can find all the clips on the The Last Meeting: One Last Time at our PCAS PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL, listen and watch what made their friendship so special . . .

#SILENTBUTDEADLYGIFS! I REALLY DID feel sorry for Christopher Lee's character in this film . . he was pompous, and opinionated... but what a twisted thing to do...and a twisted story! Can you name the film, this gif was taken from? Take a look at the vintage still below, and see if you can 'solve' that question too?

#SILENTBUTDEADLYGIFS : A NICE touch from Peter Cushing's General von Spielsdorf in 'The Vampire Lovers' (1970) . . . whenever Peter met a woman, female, lady, in public either for the first time or anytime, he always greeted them with a gentle kiss upon the back of the hand. I have read many features and interviews where the female interviewer or journalist, recounted this and saw it as a wonderfully gallant and profound act of gentlemanly manners . . . I am not so sure that, if Peter were around us today, he would feel safe to make such a gesture either!

#SILENTBUTDEADLYGIFS! IT WAS CHRISTOPHER LEE who one said, when he and Peter Cushing attended the US premier of Hammer films, 'Dracula /Horror of Dracula (1958) that when THIS shot appeared at the end of the opening credits, a roar of laughter and hoots went up, from the attending audience. Lee was ready to leave the cinema right then. Cushing, placed his hand of Lee's arm and told him, to stay with it. A few minutes after, hoots still prevailing, for the first time Lee's Dracula stood at the top of the long stairs inside Castle Dracula, he walked down them to meet Jonathan Harker . As soon as he spoke, the whole cinema, fell silent. It was the first time his Dracula was seen on the screen, and it would be one of the very few times, he would speak . . .through out the ENTIRE SEVEN FILM series! 

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