Friday, 17 November 2017


#CUSHINGFEMMEFATALESFRIDAY! This week, we present a gallery dedicated to one, who has proven to be larger than life itself, even in death . . INGRID PITT. In just over a week it would have been her birthday and the tenth anniversary of her all too soon passing . . . I have a few photographs to share here today, and whole gallery here at the website, some new and some favorite pics, of the only actress to have been friends with not only Peter..but also Helen, his late wife too . .To start the ball rolling... to mark Ingrid's inclusion in the FRIDAY FEMME FATALE GALLERY, I am giving away below, SIX rare hi res CONTACT SHEETS of rare photographs taken during the making of Hammer films 'The Vampire Lovers', for free! Join us on our NEXT #CUSHINGSFEMMEFATALES! POST TODAY, in just a few hours hours - Marcus


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  1. This is the best website I´ve ever seen, I love Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt, also their movies and all related to them. The Vampire Lovers is one of my favorite movies. This website is a gift for all of us fans. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep up the amazing work in memory of this amazing talented and so missed actor, and also Ingrid Pitt, an unforgettable remarkable lady. Thank you.

  2. Hello Carolina
    Thank you for your very kind comment. I am so glad to read you enjoyed our recent Ingrid Pitt posts and the contact sheets and photographs. Ingrid was indeed a very talented and friendly person. She was especially fond of Peter and very helpful to us also. She was the firs Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Honorary Member. It's always fun sharing the features and the images on here at our website and the facebook fan page. It's important to keep the memory of Peter, and Ingrid alive and relevant. The society has been around for over sixty years now. I bet Peter would have been very shocked to have heard that. Here's to the future. A future that can only be realized and possible with help from people like yourself, Carolina. It's support like your message that makes it all possible. Many thanks again - Marcus (pcas)


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