Monday, 27 November 2017


#MOMENTSOFTERRORMONDAY! BACK IN 1954, Peter Cushing Cushing's appeared in a little BBC television drama entitled, 1984 . . .based on the novel by George Orwell. The show went out LIVE on December 12th and 16th December 1954. Such was the response to the first broadcast, the government at the time met at discussed if the show show be repeated after the initial broadcast.... it made a star of Peter Cushing, and sent his career in path that would change the public perception of the meekest of actors...

THIS LATE NIGHT LINE UP program was broadcast by the BBC in order to meet the huge reaction to the show. Interviewed are Peter Cushing his co star's Andre Morell, Yvonne Mitchell, director Rudolph Catier and the writer and script adapter, Nigel Kneale.... Television was never the same, and Peter's Winston Smith helped lead the way...... 

REMEMBERING Lttle Ern' 🙂 Born today, Ernest Wiseman, one half of probably the most successful comedy duo to ever come out of the UK... Morecambe and Wise. A good friend of Peter Cushing's, who attended Peter's 80th birthday bash and if the scripts are to believed... kept Peter short of his appearance fee, and provided us with probably one of the funniest and longest running gags, in the whole Eric and Ernie repertoire! When Eric his partner passed in 1984, no one looked more lost than Ernie.

BUT HE CARRIED ON, working, doing interviews, panto..until his retirement. The Eric and Ernie, even though they claimed it was based on their heroes work, Abbott and Costello, they were certainly stamped well, as Britain's favourite comedians, Christmas isn't the same without at-least one of their many repeated shows on tv. Happy Birthday, Little Ern, God Bless your short 'fat-hairy legs', and that 'join' you could never see.

How many times did Peter appear on the Morecambe and Wise Show? Which is your favourite appearance routine? and Do you remember HOW Peter Cushing finally managed to GET his MONEY??? You can find ALL of Peter's routines on the Morecambe and Wise Show in a playlist at our PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL PLAYLIST!

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