Monday, 18 September 2017


Over the years, many of you have sent us photographs of your visits to what was Peter and Helen Cushing's home town of Whitstable in Kent. I see many many photographs of the 'love bench' that Peter donated to the town, dedicated from both he and his late wife. Only yesterday (Monday 18th September), a good friend to the PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE Becky Jarrett, made a trip to Whitstable and thought she would walk along to 'Cushing's View' at the sea front and sit on the 'Cushing Bench' and take in the sun and sights. She was upset to discover that the brass dedication plate has vanished from the bench ....

You'll find LOTS of features about the 'Cushing's Love Seat'
here at the website, but here is a interesting one! CLICK HERE! 

For over 25 years, the bench has sat there, in all weathers, offering a place to sit and admire the view, that Peter Cushing visited on his daily walks along the front. Visitors from around the world, visit Whitstable, many knowing the town's connection with Peter and Helen, and visit Cushing's View and the bench. Never has the bench been defaced, carved into, vandalized or damaged. Just over two years ago, the bench vanished... no warning.. while it was given a coat of varnish and some TLC. It returned, looking better than ever. I am hoping, the plaque has been removed for some maintenance too... If you have any news or information about its where-abouts, please let us know here . . . thank you Becky for letting us know ;) Marcus

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  1. It was a relative of the rough looking gentleman seen at the start of Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed...


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