Sunday, 10 September 2017


#GETTHECUSHIONSUNDAY! Ok I have deliberately left this post until today, Sunday's are usually busy here and even more so, on our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE where readers can comment on the thread 🙂 I have been approached by a major player in blu ray and DVD distribution... and they have asked me to supply the following... ' Select ONE HAMMER film, ONE AMICUS film and ONE from any genre from the careers of BOTH Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee from any OTHER studio....' That's it. Here you can send us a email or message, using the comment button. Can you HELP please 🙂 Let's have your suggestions.... Thank you, Marcus.

#GETTHECUSHIONSUNDAY! Here's one you may want to copy and look a little close at. Behind the Scenes photographs of from the LAUREL and HARDY film 'A Chump At Oxford' (1940) which as you probably know, also features a young Peter Cushing! Some wonderful snaps here. I love the one of Stan putting on his make up! Cushing is the one bottom left.... when Peter spoke about the film, his memories were of Olly sitting at a trolley eating donuts to keep his weight up and Stan planning the stunts and business that was happening on the shoot on those days. LOVE Laurel and Hardy and love the fact that Peter Cushing got the chance to work with them, all those years ago..... — with laurel And hardy, Peter Cushing and A Chump at Oxford.

#GETCUSHIONSUNDAY! I wonder how many of you have managed to see this great little thriller starring Stanley Baker, Peter Cushing, Jack Eric Portman and Mia Zetterling . . . ? The Man Who Finally Died, it's a real tense little thriller, that had me guessing until the end. One of my top five non fantasy genre Cushing films. Here's a neat clip, for a taster.... 

ABOVE: BACK IN THE 1990'S THE HOLSTEN PILS COMPANY used footage from 'The Man Who Finally Died' in a spoof advert for the alcohol tv advertising campaign. The clip stars Petet Cushing and UK comedian,  Griff Rhys Jones . .

UPDATED! You remember our news about a 'company' that was putting out several REALLY poor quality dvds of Cushing's films on ebay and Amazon? Well following emails and messages to those sites, the bootlegs have now been pulled. Thank you for your help on this . . .

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