Thursday, 23 February 2017


MIRRORS TEA AND LOOSE CHANGE! A beautiful colour slide of Peter Cushing as Doctor Schreck / Dr Terror from the Amicus classic, Dr Terrors House of Horrors. A role that Peter Cushing played very well and one of my personal favorites. Schreck was a crafty 'soul', who used tarot cards and the hold that superstition has over us, to tell his tales and seal fates. Which kinda got me thinking... superstitions and private rituals? I always stir tea or coffee anti-clockwise never the other way, I NEVER look into a mirror UNLESS there is a light on in that room and when I go out...I have to have the SAME amount of loose change in each of my two coat pockets! Crazy? Maybe.

DO YOU have any kind of rituals, things you HAVE to do? Over at our Peter Cushing Appreciation society Facebook Fan Page, we opened the thread of this post and asked everyone to tell us if they also have any superstitious quirks or rituals! HERE are a few from those who spilled the beans and tempted fate, by telling us! 

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