Friday, 19 August 2016


#‎frankensteinfriday‬ Over at our Facebook Fan Page we are asking ...DID you or DO you collect Hammer Trading Cards? There have been many sets of Hammer films trading cards issued over the years, some very good, others not so. I have never understood the 'sketch cards' series? I'd love to know which card did you have most annoying doubles of?

#NEWS : TITAN PUBLISHING has announced a release date for their first issue of a joint venture with Hammer films... ' a brand-new mini-series that reanimates the characters, as imagined by legendary Horror studio, Hammer films...' Halloween 2016 will see the first of their stories, 'The Mummy', ' written by the legendary Peter Milligan, drawn by Ronilson Freire, with cover art by John McCrea. Their press release says, ' ...the line will see the publication of brand-new comic stories, featuring classic Hammer properties, as well as wholly original Hammer stories, produced by Titan.' Hmmm those of us expecting something along the lines of a 'House of Hammer' comic strip story and artwork revival..maybe a little disappointed . . . 

#frankensteinfriday : The final scenes of #frankensteinmustbedestroyed is probably the most dramatic of all the Hammer Cushing Frankenstein films... out is a blaze. Milton Subostsky once said, that to end a film with an explosion or fire was a bit of a cop-out, the mark of what writers do when they can think of nothing else, or when the budget calls for a quick end... maybe, but in this case the drama and fire are so well executed, it creates a tension you can't help but get caught up in...and that surely is the mark of a great film???

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