Sunday, 8 May 2016


#‎mothersday‬ Happy Mother's Day to all our Mum's and Mom's in the US! Here is Peter Cushing talking about his Mum!

The Boy With The Curly Locks! Peter making a personal appearance at a book signing of his first autobiography: Peter Cushing : An Autobiography. Here he poses with a page from the book, a photograph of himself aged three, with long hair and wearing a dress.... 'Mother so wanted a girl!'

#MOTHERSDAYWhat a horrible fate to befall a caring and protective Mother... Baroness Meinster in THE BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960) : The wonderful actress Martita Hunt here with Peter Cushing as Van Helsing. Martita told director Terence Fisher that she didn't want to wear the fangs that had been made for her, that she ... didn't need them. She does a superb job of portraying the love and loss of her son, the Baron Meinster ...and the falling victim to his final act of betrayal, to a protective Mother... All sorts of great stories about Martita Hunt's short time with Hammer films, she was one very special lady and the last of a dying breed of classically trained actresses. Having her in the cast of 'Brides' was a very good move on Hammer's part. How do you rate Martita Hunt in Brides??

Dances, Banquets and BALLS!:
Martita Hunt as Baroness Meinster. There is a story that when Maritia was rehearsing the scene where the Baroness laments the loss of the time when the château was once the social hub of parties, banquets and balls, she inadvertently paused and placed prominence on the word....'balls'. Everyone in attendance, broke out laughing, Fisher included...she repeated this in the take that was shot and printed in the final cut of 'Brides'.... #mothersday

#MOTHERSDAYUSA: So, WHO introduced you to Peter Cushing and his work..his films, his name? Through out our time here on FACEBOOK and this website, many of you tell us about the first Cushing film you saw. Sometimes as a child of maybe 9 or 11. Some of you caught the films on the US Horror Movie Hosts shows, some of you here in the UK caught your first Cushing movie during the double bill seasons that ran on BBC tv during the 70's and 80's....But there is one factor that comes up many times.... Many of you watched your first #HAMMERHORROR or a film featuring Peter Cushing with your MUM / MOM/ MOTHER even grandmother... How about you?

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