Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Nothing gives me more pleasure than giving away prizes in our competitions! Especially when they are DOUBLE prizes. ALL SIX winners of our VALENTINE'S DAY I LOVE HORROR FILMS COMPETITION can look forward to a PAIR of darn good double bills of Cushing/ Hammer/ Amicus documentaries arriving in the post in the next few days. Donald Fearney's MILTON SUBOTSKY'S AND MAX J ROSENBERG'S AMICUS: VAULT OF HORRORS and LEGEND OF HAMMER VAMPIRES documentaries are being shipped today... and with the Amicus doc alone being almost three hours long... I think there will be enough in this double bill to entertain, until the NEXT PCAS competition! If you would like to purchase a copy of either documentary, please contact me by facebook message, and I will happily provide you with the details. Stocks of both titles are now down to double figures. BOTH discs are REGION FREE.

Here at PCAS, I take pride in offering PRIZES that count! I scout out the best of Peter Cushing goodies out there, and then find companies and distributors to sponsor our competitions. I cover the expense of post and packaging,  all our competitions are free, no catch, no passing of emails and mailing lists. Dvd's, blu rays, box sets, books, magazines, lobby cards, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters, bespoke artwork, autographs, rare movie props...even dinner with a Cushing Film Director!! But, not everything out there makes it to selection for inclusion in our competitions. Being a life long fan, I only select what I would love to have as an addition in my collection too!

Whatever the PCAS competition, whatever the prize, you can always guarantee a very good response. Everyone has fun and enters into the spirit, and after announcing the winners, it's not unusual to read a long thread of messages of congratulations, to the lucky winners. As I always say, I only wish I had more prizes to give away!

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