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GUY HENRY: An English stage and screen actor, with roles in Rome and John Adams. He appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2 and, more recently, the hospital drama Holby City as the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Henrik Hanssen. In 1987, Henry appeared in the episode 'Rumpole and the Official Secret' from Season 4 of Rumpole of the Bailey.

In the early 1990s, he played the acerbic, demonic Dr Walpurgis in The Vault of Horror, a BBC Halloween special. His make-up was provided by Hellraiser veteran Geoff Portass. Guy also introduced a few series of cult horror films in several BBC One Friday night horror seasons (with a name change to 'Dr. Terror'), with scripted introductions written by horror novelist and film historian Kim Newman. He appeared in the 1996 schools series Look and Read: Spywatch, the BBC's 1996 adaptation of Emma.

In 1998 he made one appearance in the medical soap opera Peak Practice and in two episodes of The Grand. His film credits include appearances in Another Country with Rupert Everett, later in Stephen Fry's 2003 film Bright Young Things (appearing in the poster for it, top left) as Archie, in V for Vendetta as Conrad Heyer, in Starter for 10 as a university professor, in Expresso and as Pius Thicknesse in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2. In 2014 he appeared in the critically acclaimed short film Done In.

Paul Benjamin "Ben" Mendelsohn (born 3 April 1969): An Australian actor, known for his work in the films Animal Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises, Killing Them Softly, The Place Beyond the Pines, Starred Up, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and Lost River. Mendelsohn currently stars in the Netflix series Bloodline, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe nomination.

After several early television roles, including The Henderson Kids, he attracted notice in his breakout film, The Year My Voice Broke (1987), winning him the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Supporting Actor. His next major role was in The Big Steal (1990), and Spotswood (1992) co-starring with Anthony Hopkins; this was followed in 1996 by Cosi and Idiot Box. In 2000 he was in two contrasting films, the Australian Mullet and the Hollywood Vertical Limit. In 2005, he was preparing to play Mark Antony in the Sydney Theatre Company-produced Julius Caesar, and he was in the Terrence Malick-directed film The New World

In 2007, Mendelsohn starred in the third season of the TV series Love My Way and in 2008, he appeared in Baz Luhrmann's Australia and filmed the 10-part Melbourne series Tangle, which premiered on Showcase in 2009. In 2009, he appeared in the American science fiction film Knowing directed by Alex Proyas. The same year, Mendelsohn starred as Ned in Beautiful Kate, directed by Rachel Ward, opposite Bryan Brown and Rachel Griffiths.

In 2010, he appeared in Animal Kingdom, starring in the film as Andrew 'Pope' Cody, a criminal on the run from the law living in the notorious Melbourne Underworld. This role won him many awards including IF Award's Best Actor and the AFI's award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He was also named GQ Australia's Actor of the Year for 2010.

He was selected as one of the entrants to the Who's Who in Australia 2012 edition. In 2012, Mendelsohn played the supporting role of John Daggett in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

In 2012, he appeared in Florence + the Machine's music video for "Lover to Lover". The video was directed by Vincent Haycock. In 2013, he guest starred in the TV series Girls as the father of Jessa, played by Jemima Kirke. In 2014, Mendelsohn joined the cast of Bloodline, a Netflix original from the creators of Damages. The first season premiered on the site on 20 March 2015 and was well received. Mendelsohn's performance on the series has been critically lauded, with IGN reviewer Matt Fowler saying in his review of the first season "Everyone on the show shines...but it's Mendelsohn's lanky, damaged, bitter Danny Rayburn that truly drives the show into harrowing places. Spectacular work that I hope gets recognized come awards season."

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