Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Today we remember the wonderfully talented director and cinematographer Freddie Francis, who worked for both Hammer and Amicus, directing such films as THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN and DR TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS and many more …

Hammer Films and Universal studios REBOOT the Frankenstein story with Freddie Francis directing THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN HERE

MORE Freddie Francis and Peter Cushing THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN HERE 

The work of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee under Francis direction in some of the films they made for AMICUS films is explored in PART THREE and FOUR and FIVE of  A TALENT TO TERRIFY HERE

Part FOUR of our series THE AMICUS FILMS OF PETER CUSHING also includes FREDDIE FRANCIS work with Cushing on Amicus films, 'TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

Finally, in our suggested Francis features, we take a close look at the 'magic of Francis' direction, in what he always suggested was an improvised scene in Amicus films, THE SKULL. Just click HERE

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