Wednesday, 13 August 2014



"At Peter Cushing's 80th Birthday Party, I remember turning to my wife, actress Shirley Stelfox, and saying, " He will go forever, won't he!?" and then, at once, with great sadness, I realised the impossibility of what i had just said, and that - Peter could not have many years left on this earth. But, he was so lively, so full of life - so enjoying his party, and the friendship of all his close mates around him, that he did seem to be an old 'Peter Pan' figure, who could never die.

Peter always had that quality, plus the REAL nature of a truly old fashioned Gentleman. I never, ever, heard anyone say one bad word about him, and that I don't think I can say that about any other actor I know of. And I never heard Peter say one bad word about anyone else.

He had a very jokey sense of humour, full of fun and laughs - which would have suited him exceptionally well in playing comedy roles, as opposed to the more serious roles he became serious for.

In the film, 'The Ghoul' I played the title role, Peter's son. It was during the making of this film that I realised the importance that Peter's late wife, Helen played in a totally non macabre way, in Peter's daily life. Peter was as much in love with Helen, AFTER she died as he was during her lifetime.

I think he was quite a deeply religious man, he often said during a jolly undramatic, totally realistic way... that death had no fear for him, and that when his time came, he would embrace the moment with great joy, as it would mean he could be with Helen again.

Peter and I worked together also in the feature film, 'Star Wars'. For some reason, he was without his character's jackboots, and had to wear red carpet slippers. So, he ended up, stomping around in his full costume, but with slippers!

Peter inspired love in everyone he met. I loved him dearly. At that 80th Birthday party, I realised, that the fact that he could not possibly have many more years left, was NOT a matter for sorrow. But that, one should share his joy... because for him, he would have his wish... he would be together again, with his dear, Helen.."

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