Friday, 20 June 2014


#frankensteinfriday Peter Cushing and Michael Gwynn: Creation meets Creator! Michael Gwynn's fine performance as the pitiful Karl Immelmann tends to get over looked in the long list of #hammerfilm Frankenstein creations. He one of my personal favorites. How do you rate Gwynn's performance?

Peter Cushing (Dr Victor Frankenstein/Stein), Francis Matthews (Hans Kleve), Michael Gwynn (Karl), Eunice Gayson (Margaret Conrad), Oscar Quitak (Dwarf Karl)

Director – Terence Fisher, Screenplay – Jimmy Sangster, Additional Dialogue – H. Hurford Janes, Producer – Anthony Hinds, Photography – Jack Asher, Music – Leonard Salzedo, Makeup – Phil Leakey, Production Design – Bernard Robinson. Production Company – Hammer Films UK. 1958.

With the help of Karl, the crippled dwarf hangman, whom he promises a new body, Frankenstein escapes the gallows and they hang the officiating priest instead. Under the name Stein, Frankenstein sets up practice in the town of Karlsbruck, alternating between volunteer work at the poor hospital, which is a goldmine of parts to build up Karl’s new body, and private practice where his courtly charms draw him the devotion of the upper-classes. He is recognised by eager young Hans Kleve who forces Frankenstein to take him on as an assistant. Together they transplant Karl’s brain into the new patchwork body. The operation is successful but soon the body’s limbs return to their old crippled positions. Karl escapes and brings shame down on Frankenstein when he bursts in on a society function, crying “Frankenstein help me.”.

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