Sunday, 30 March 2014

KATE O'MARA 1939 - 2014

Very sad to hear of the passing of actress Kate O'Mara today. Probably best known for playing Alexis Colby's scheming sister Cassandra 'Caress' Morrell in the US soap Dynasty during the mid 1980s, along with appearances in Dr Who, Triangle and Howard's Way. But, for us she stands out in two films where she worked with Peter Cushing. In 1971 she played Mme Perrodot, The Governess in Hammer films 'The Vampire Lovers' and Val Nolan in the Robert Hartford-Davis film, 'Corruption' (1968).

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  1. I often used to see Kate O Mara shopping in Taunton High Street where I live. I was in awe of her, but many younger people just walked by, not realising who she was. When I lived in Richmond Surrey, I remember seeing Madeline Smith standing in a bus queue in the High Street. Again, the people in that bus queue never realised who she was !


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