Monday, 29 February 2016


MONDAY here at PCAS means one thing... ‪#‎monstermonday‬, our weekly spot where we celebrate the scary, sinister and down right terrifying Monsters and all things that creep, that have been featured in Peter Cushing's film and tv work.. TODAY here on the website and at our facebook page, we take a close look...not TOO close, at those fanged kung fu frighteners from Peter Cushing's 'The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires'.

One of the great things about Cushing's 'THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES' is the 'double-monster' value. Not only do you get the Seven Deadly Kung Fu Vampires but also, The Zombies!

At first sight, the hoping bobbing skipping undead seem a very strange sight.. it's only after you see them on mass, doing their odd all things asian-horror, it starts to look more than a little slightly warped and psycho-twisted. A great idea, an interesting angle on Vampires, Dracula AND Kung Fu...and Peter Cushing as the all fighting, fearless, Van Helsing vampire hunter!

Here Hammer's Kung Fu Undead echo another famous 'zombie scene' from ten years before in 'THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES'. Again, the dead are awake and walking...this time in China and Van Helsing and Dracula are along for the ride too!

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