Monday, 3 September 2018


Extremely sad to hear of the passing of Jacqueline Pearce tonight . . Pearce always held a certain authority and glamour to any of the roles that she played in the fantasy genre. After her training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, alongside Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt, she appeared in episodes of tv's Danger Man and The Avengers, as well as children’s dramas 'Moondial and Dark Season', written by Russell T Davies.

Alongside her role in Blake’s 7, which was expanded from a single episode to a regular role over four series due to her popularity, Pearce was also known for her guest role as Chessene in The Two Doctors episodes of Doctor Who in 1985, opposite Colin Baker’s version of the Time Lord. 

After relocating to South Africa for several years, initially to care for orphaned monkeys, Pearce returned to the UK in 2015. Her autobiography, From Byfleet to the Bush, was published in 2012. Pearce also worked with Peter Cushing in an episode of ITC's THE ZOO GANG, as Brigitte Gautier in The Counterfeit Trap in 1974.

Her work in tv was certainly prolific. She will also be remembered for her roles with Hammer films in 'The Reptile' and 'Plague of the Zombies' both in 1966.

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