Wednesday, 1 August 2018


THE USA TRAILER trailer for Amicus films, 'I, MONSTER' starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. A film with a production story, that sometimes is even more dramatic than the film! You can read all about it in a NEW feature at our PCASUK website shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this RARE trailer and the first of TWO great rare stills galleries, with many behind the scenes and on set photographs, never seen before. YOU can see PART one RIGHT HERE!

ABOVE: WHEN AMICUS FILM I,MONSTER and MR BLAKE made our weekly #MONSTERMONDAY selection! Everyone without a pause, voted BLAKE  a monster of some standard!

THE FILM 'I MONSTER' will be taking the platform at the PCASUK sites in several posts over the next two weeks. Be sure not to miss the I MONSTER RARE STILLS GALLERY and a new feature, with addition gallery at this website over the next few days. Gallery Part TWO will be here on MONDAY 6th 2018. Most posts that are daily posted here, are also posted and shared at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE  where fans and lovers of Peter's work and life, are able to debate and comment on the content of that day's posts. PLEASE feel free to join us and over 33 Thousand other followers at the FAN PAGE. JUST CLICK HERE  and CLICK LIKE there! 

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