Monday, 16 July 2018


A QUICK PROMO SNAP AND A RARE ONE: Here is Peter Cushing and Susannah York during the shooting of am episode of a very popular television series in the 1970's, ORSON WELLES GREAT MYSTERIES. The episode was entitled, ' LA GRANDE BRETECHE' and also starred Michael Elphick. The series was an anthology of different tales. Each episode was introduced by Orson Welles, in big hat and opera cloak! He topped and tailed each story, though never appeared in them. The episode, 'La Grande Breteche' was broadcast, just once in the UK on Saturday 22nd September 1973. It starred Peter Cushing as the Count Gerard De Merret and Susannah York as his wife, Countess Josephine. What Cushing gives us, is a quite terrifying performance. As with all the stories in this series, they were chosen for their punch, sting or twist at the end. Needless to say, Cushing doesn't disappoint!

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