Friday, 27 July 2018


PETER CUSHING AND JAQUELINE PEARCE in THE ZOO GANG! Peter Cushing appeared in an episode of the UK ITC series called 'THE ZOO GANG' back in 1974. In 'THE COUNTERFEIT TRAP', CUSHING plays Judge Gautie and appears with the very neat cast of actors who play the 'GANG', which included John Mills, Brian Keith, Lili Palmer and Barry Morse... the majority CUSHING had much experience of working with in previous productions, like Amicus films to Sherlock Holmes and theatre too! The Zoo Gang was released in a blu ray box set earlier this year. I would love to hear from anyone who also purchased it and hear what they think of the great extras and episodes. . .

THE SMOKING JACKET that Peter Cushing wore in this episode of THE ZOO GANG, was also worn by Peter in Amicus films, 'THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD' (1970). The jacket also went up for sale at auction back in April 2016. The auction house, Bonham's had a problem, in that they knew Peter had worn it, but were not sure in which tv show or movie. When they purchased the jacket, they were told that Peter wore it in a Sherlock Holmes episode for the BBC back in 1969! They dropped us a line and asked if we knew. I immediately recognised it from The House That Dripped Blood... and The Zoo Gang! They generously gave us a credit in the auction catalogue, and the jacket went for a great price! You can read the whole story HERE!  

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