Wednesday, 7 February 2018


#CUSHINGCOLLECTORS WEDNESDAY! Last week, we shared a RARE COLOUR CONTACT SHEET from Hammer Films, 'Dracula Has Risen From The Grave'. It was a VERY popular post, and I'd like to say thank you to the few of you, who downloaded the contact sheet of you  who not only emailed and messaged me to say thank you, but also to send us pics of the hi res contact sheet you downloaded, and printed off to make individual photographs which you FRAMED!  Pretty cool! Well, here are THIS WEEK'S digital images, or rather here are EIGHT digital images to choose from. This week, over at the PCASUK FACEBOOK FAN PAGE we are asking YOU to vote on which TWO we will be posting and sharing here on the website this week. 

ALL OF THE DETAILS on how to vote are over at the page. The choices include contact sheets from Hammer films, 'VAMPIRE CIRCUS', 'CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER', 'LUST FOR A VAMPIRE' a FULL COLOUR CONTACT SHEET from the photo session that produced the iconic publicity shots of Christopher Lee and Veronica Carlson for Hammer films, 'Dracula has Risen From The Grave' There are also hi res full colour shots of Peter Cushing, Patrick Troughton and Christopher Lee. The voting closes 6am GMT. So even the US and OZ can join in! The two most popular pics will be uploaded here in HI RES watermark free TOMORROW! 

VOTE NOW! We'll give the voting a good six to seven hours. It's for fun! The most popular photographs will be posted later today.

#CUSHINGCOLLECTORSWEDNESDAY! You may remember our post about a Hammer 'Dracula' (1958) cinema poster about to go, under the 'Hammer' a few weeks ago? Well, if you do, you may recall, the estimate for this rare and valuable collectors item was between 6,000 and 8,000 UK pounds?? Well, at auction last night at Whyte’s auction house in Dublin, the final and winning bid was... SIXTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS! (22k US Dollars) Someone is a few quid lighter this morning, but probably very happy with this hanging on their wall.

THROWBACK Last week's PCAS post about the auction and estimated price !

THE LOCAL PRESS covered the story today: "A Dracula poster was sold for €16,000 – more than double its estimate at auction. Film lovers vied to get their hands on a fully-restored and linen-backed version of the 1958 print showing Christopher Lee’s iconic vampire. In it, the count is about to feast on Mina Holmwood, played by actress Melissa Stribling. After several minutes of furious bidding, lot 484, which had an estimate of between €6,000 and €8,000, took much more than what was expected. It was just one of 544 unusual lots up for grabs at Whyte’s auction house in Dublin last night. Autographs of all four members of rock band Led Zeppelin, which had an estimate of €1,500, sold for €3,400. Three volumes of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings sold for €6,400, while hair from French general Napolean Bonaparte went for €130......!

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