Thursday, 8 February 2018


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! It's a nice touch, that when the new and rebooted AVENGERS came back to TV, in the very first episode broadcast on the 17th October 1976, they brought Peter Cushing along to help launch the new series. Cushing, had of course appeared in the 1960's hey day series, in an episode entitled 'The Return of the Cybernauts' in 1967. Then, playing Paul Beresford, a baddie through and through first time round, Cushing returns playing , Professor Maybach Von Claus, nice chap in an evil situation . .. In The EAGLE'S NEST, Steed investigates the death of a colleague while Gambit witnesses the kidnapping of Professor Von Claus. Purdey scuba dives to the remote island of St. Dorca, where a monastery hides a secret and Germany's greatest treasure.

TODAY IN THE TRUE SPIRIT of #TBT we take you back to FEBRUARY 17TH 1976, and the return of a gem from telly past, The Avengers, brushed down and polished, karate kicking and tea cup cup tilting, and ready for adeventures new with gentleman STEED, with two new companions. The inclusion of Joanna Lumley and Garethe Hunt, taking a little of an older, but just as iconic Steed, was a great idea, bring Peter Cushing along from the original AVENGERS series, was a master stroke!

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! Those of you who are big fans of the UK tv show, 'The Avengers' and 'The New Avengers' from the 60's and 70's, will probably know right away, what this clip is about. For the rest of us well... In an episode of 'THE NEW AVENGERS' called , "TARGET', our heroes Steed (Patrick Macnee) Purdey (Joanna Lumley) and Gambit (Gareth Hunt) are being tested on an ambush / gun assault -course- range (???) thing...! Presumably, to check if their wits are sharp and they are still fit for the job?? 

THE ASSAULT RANGE is disguised as a small village, with a collection of buildings and streets, with fake graffiti and road-signs and . . robot assassins! There is also a 'police telephone box' which they blow up...! Now, the writer of this episode is Dennis Spooner. Some believe the inclusion of the box / tardis gave Spooner the opportunity for an in-joke about a 'previous job', hint the police box is spectacularly detonated at one point ! Rumour suggests this is the actual TARDIS exterior from the Amicus Dalek movies. . . .what do you think??

ABOVE YESTERDAY'S BANNER, an experiment to see if we could take an interactive post vote on facebook to see which Cushing Collectable Hi Res photographs. we most wanted to share. Sadly, facebook's practice of squashing any of our posts that contain links to platforms outside of the facebook domain, sabotaged what could have been a useful tool . However, the few that DID get to see the post, voted, and these are the two hi res stills, that were most popular with you! Top: A contact sheet of images from Hammer films, 'DRACULA ad 1972' and a striking colour portrait of Peter Cushing as General von Spielsdorf, from THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (1970). Despite the setback this week,. we will continue with Cushing Collectors Wednesdays, and next week, there will be MORE rare images shared . . .!

TODAY MARKS WHAT would have been a very significant birthday in the life of Peter Cushing...the birthdate of his wife, Helen. Peter never forgot to mark anniversaries or special days with Helen, often making her beautiful greetings cards, notes and..of course the silk scarves. He never forgot her birthday, and neither shall we... so, in remembrance, Happy Birthday Helen.

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