Wednesday, 24 January 2018


YOU HAVE TO GIVE CREDIT TO Peter Cushing, when the script said 'run' HE RAN! This clip is from Hammer films, 'Frankenstein Created Woman' Here he displays the same athletic pace that graced the screen in the chase scene in DRACULA (1958) The Brides of Dracula (1960) . . . even up to Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell in 1974. I guess all those early morning dips in the cold sea, outside his front door in Whitstable kept him very fit indeed!

THIS GIF and the one below perfectly illustrates why DESPITE having a misleading TITLE actually WAS a very worthy sequel to Hammer films 'DRACULA / THE HORROR OF DRACULA' Incredible sets, glass matte work, maybe a playing of Cushing's VAN HELSING that has an even better edge and a fablous cast. 'THE BRIDES OF DRACULA' . . .

THE BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960): This gif is a lesson in expert framing and direction. From The Brides of Dracula, again like the last GIF Cushing is on the move. If you take a look at everything going on in this hot, today they would cover all that action with about four shots and two cut aways, in order to create drama with fast editing. Director Terence Fisher didn't NEED to do that. The skill here is all about WHERE to place the camera to get it all ion ONE shot, so not losing the drama and the energy, we can see everything and the timing is al

THIS WAS A TECHNIQUE that for HAMMER FILMS started in their 'DRACULA / HORROR OF DRACULA ' (1958) The CLOSE UP shot of the VAMPIRE EYES followed by the victims. There wasn't a VAMPIRE film after the 58, that didn't feature it! It's even more effective, when  those eyes belonged to the beautiful, YVONNE MONLAUR . . 

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