Saturday, 9 December 2017


#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY!: So, it's official then? Despite the rumors . . Christopher Lee didn't live in his bath! WISE WORDS of Warning from Christopher Lee.

#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY! The Meeting of Ages One a military men from the modern world and the other a high priest from an ancient civilisation . . Major Holly questions of the blind faith of Billali.

ON SET during the making of SHE, antics with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Lee here with a young daughter, Christina.

THIS IS a very neat scene. Two actors who by this time in 1965, had appeared in several films together and although at this time, they didn't spend much social time with each us when not engaged in a film, knew each others timings and methods. In this scene, which barely lasts two minutes, they have managed to convey to the viewer, the core values of the characters. All of which makes you wish, Hammer producers had found a bit more lolly, to have had more screen time with Cushing and Lee together . . .

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