Monday, 18 December 2017


YOU OFTEN READ and hear about Cushing's attention to detail, not only in performance, but also with his costume and schedule. It was reassuring to directors, that Cushing came prepared, knew his lines...and everyone else's too! thigh it drove some to distraction, Hammer's Antony Hinds called Cushing a, "fuss pot!' One of the director's of the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, actually had a show down with Cushing just hours away from the live broadcast, over a line of dialogue. The only recorded instance of Cushing unraveling on set.

HERE ARE FOUR PAGES from Cushing's personal script for 'Trail by Combat' (1976) which he made for Kevin Francis, Tyburn Productions. Feel free to copy the images, to see the annotations clearly because there is MUCH to see. Notes to himself and his performance, 'Don't look down, don't mumble. No toupee required when wearing the hat. Provide my own clothes for this scene. Make sure two hundred pounds for car transport, in cash!'

YOU MAY ALSO SPOT, all the contact details for John Redway his agent, the press office, and a note of where to acquire stills from the film. Many of these he would send onto PCAS pres at the time, Gladys Fletcher. These amazing annotations are proof of a man who knew his trade, very well indeed, and didn't believe in leaving these to chance

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