Thursday, 14 December 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! There are several artists on the net that I follow regularly, especially if they are in the habit of producing a Cushing or Fantasy genre actor or character now and then. These TWO amazing poster portraits of Cushing and Lee from their last two Hammer Dracula's, are very good indeed. It seems a simple thing to do, take a great publicity photograph from a popular film, and put a spin on the image, add some subtle and stylish text and fonts... FAB... a contemporary presentation, that would look great on any fans wall! I know next to nothing about this artist, except their, I guessing their name...FRANKLYN. There is a gallery of fine examples of Franklyn's work on ebay. Some great Lee, Cushing and Hammer film LIMITED EDITION PRINTS and reasonably priced too.😉 Go on spoil yourself, for Christmas . . . EBAY LINK HERE! I suspect they are going fast 😉 - Marcus

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY!! With the arrival of the latest installment of the STAR WARS series now at cinemas . . . here's a reminder of a where it all began . . . now, if Tarkin could just remember, what he's going to do with that battle station Ha! 🙂 - Marcus

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