Wednesday, 20 December 2017


I JUST LOVE that cutaway shot to Cushing, as poor ol stunt man Jock Easton, blindly stumbles around. ON FIRE, before he falls through the skylight window. It's almost as if Cushing's can not believe, what Hammer has managed to get this poor stunt man to do, for his couple of quid! Peter Cushing as the Baron with Christopher Lee, stunt work by Jock Easton in Hammer films, THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957) Painful and ungraceful way of exiting. 7 out of 10.

I GUESS after CATWEAZLE, CROWMAN and maybe Herbert Lom's psychiatrist in Peter Sellers PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN, the late and lovely GEOFFREY BAYLDON  will always be remembered for that incredibly frightening laugh while  bumping off ROBERT POWELL, in AMICUS films 'ASYLUM'. (1972) I often wonder while watching this scene . . .did Geoffrey, just DO the laugh, for the very first time, when they shot that scene OR had everyone on set, already heard it, before, while rehearsing...and if they didn't have any clue that Bayldon was going to do that. I would have LOVED to have seen their faces, and heard the silence AFTER Roy Ward Baker called, 'CUT'! A TRULY CREEPY 9 out of ten.

#HORRIRBLEDEATHSWEDNESDAY! Jeepers CREEPERS! Peter Cushing's Herbert Flay and friends, bring about his gruesome end in MADHOUSE (1974) When you consider the grief he put Price's PAUL TOOMBES through, it seems  only right that, Flay should deserve such a terrible fate.  There's that very  nasty bit, in the beginning of this shot, just before the dissolve, where one of the spiders, walks across Cushing's MOUTH! Anything for the good of the scene, that was Peter, I am sure. Picture it, 'Yes, Yes . . ' says Peter, 'Let the chap wander, and over my face if nesscessary.....!' Nibbled, and paralyzed by several Arachnids in a tank. Good show! EIGHT out of TEN.

DAVID OXLEY as the evil Sir HUGO Baskerville, getting set upon by the Hound of Hell, and there by starting the legend, of the giant canine that roamed the moors, just waiting to snag the next toff from the Baskerville clan. I love the detail, of the dripping blood running from the rock, where the slain servant lies. Yup, he was a violent piece of work, and I hate a guy, who can't handle his booze. He certainly, deserved worse. Mangled like a dog's favorite rubber chewie bone. SIX out of TEN

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