Monday, 13 November 2017


REMEMBERING: Anthony Nelson Keys, Born today November 13th 1911, sadly no longer with us. Worked as producer on many Hammer films and some of Peter Cushing's best work for the company. He started work at Hammer back in 1947, wrapping in 1969, with Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, for which he also received a writer credit. A much loved character on and off the set, with ready smile and a joke. See how many photographs you can find without Nelson Keys laughing or kidding with the photographer..!

WE ALSO REMEMBER the BIRTHDAY of someone who sadly left us, just last year. actress, ADRIENNE CORRI . . .was born yesterday, November 13th in 1931.... With a film and television career that started in 1949 that features appearances in 'The Hell Fire Club' with Peter Cushing in 1961, 'Madhouse' with both Cushing and Vincent Price in 74, 'Clockwork Orange' under the direction of Kubrick, Dr Who at the BBC, along with 'Adam Adamant' and 'Lovejoy' ..she also found time to appear in not only 'Vampire Circus' for Hammer films, but also an episode of their 60's tv series, 'Journey Into The Unknown'.

TODAY THOUGH, I can't help smiling as I remember her performance alongside Peter and Vincent Price as the superbly, 'mad as a bucket of frogs' Faye Carstairs Flay in Amicus films, 'Madhouse' in 1974. Happy Birthday, Adrienne Corri! We remember her and miss her . .

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