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SPOILERS: Here's a little PCAS exclusive, to start our 'Lesser Seen Peter Cushing Season'. 'SOME MAY LIVE' isn't a film you will see mentioned in many books on Cushing, if it is it will be a short synopsis, cast and distributor. It's a title that has out foxed most researchers, and has sadly been largely forgotten since it's short release by UK distributors Butchers in August 1967. Unlike many Vietnam War dramas, 'Some May Live' was produced while the War was still very much rolling on.

PRODUCED AT A TIME when GB was starting to feel the economic pinch and studios were looking for cheaper pot-boilers to bring in much needed work and finance, Foundation Pictures Krasne Entertainments, were looking for a film that could package Hollywood actors for the US market and secure a name for the home shores too, they offered Peter Cushing the leading role of John Meredith, shortly after he had wrapped work on Hammer films , 'Frankenstein Created Woman' at Bray studios and 'Night of the Big Heat' both with director Terence Fisher. Here Cushing is directed by Vernon Sewell, who in a just few weeks after completing this film, would go on to direct Cushing in 'Tigon films 'The Blood Beast Terror'.

'SOME MAY LIVE' tells the story of Kate Meredith, a decoder for American intelligence, who is compelled by her foreign correspondent husband, to give him classified information, which is then passed on to the Viet Cong. She is plagued with guilt, especially after her activities lead to an attempted assassination of a U. S. senator. In addition, she becomes disillusioned by her marriage and has an affair with the assistant to a high level army intelligence official. She becomes persuaded to relay false information to her husband even though she knows that it will likely result in his execution by the Communists. 

IT'S A GOOD WATCH, an entertaining film, with Hollywood actors Joseph Cotten and Martha Hyer adding name value, weight and drama, Cushing gets to flex some character muscles we don't see that often, which makes some scenes worth the watch in itself . .. MORE titles to come and another 'Lesser Seen' Peter Cushing film, next Wednesday...HERE! MANY thanks to film collector and archivist JEAN LAYETTE for helping us bring this little gem to your attention..You'll be hearing much about Jean in the coming weeks! MERCI JEAN!

ABOVE: One of the RARE airings of #SOMEMAYLIVE 
on television in 1993

TRIVIA: What is the connection between THS FILM and the BBC tv series, 'MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS'? 

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