Thursday, 14 September 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! Hammer films, 'The Vampire Lovers' just uploaded at our YOUTUBE Channel marked the first time that Peter Cushing met the lovely, Ingrid Pitt. You'll find lots of features at the website about how he and his wife, Helen became very good friends with Ingrid and how Peter encouraged her on the set of this film. They were to be cast together again later in the year in the Amicus production, 'The House that Dripped Blood' . .. though sadly they did not share screen time together...'The Vampire Lovers' marks a change in direction for Hammer films. Times had changed and the suggestive gossamer gowns and flirtatious nature of their female vampires would now appear minus gowns and engage in much more than a nibble!

The upload at the website and this youtube account is uncut, and in accordance with the sites regulations, our facebook fan page has always been restricted only to followers OVER the age of is this Youtube channel, and website. So beware, there IS flesh ahead. Depending on your sensibilities, the content of the film maybe very tame by today's standards, but not everyone has the same...standards. Though never asked at the time, I would have loved to have learned what Peter though of it all! For many, it was a step in a direction, in which Hammer could never return from . .. or recover. What do you think? 

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! You know I mentioned, how much I look forward to your posts, and the goodies you share and send in here? While watching Horror express (!!) Follower Andy Isaacs shared this priceless framed tribute to Hammer films, 'Dracula, Prince of Darkness' ...a beautiful press still of Christopher Lee as Dracula, SIGNED by Lee, two lobby stills from 'Darkness' AND a great repro of the 'Darkness poster, signed by the late Francis Matthews and actress Barbara Shelley who both starred along Lee in the film also! I don't need to tell you about Lee's aversion to signing any stills depicting 'The Count' . . so this is outstanding on many counts..pardon the pun! Thank you Andy for sending this pic in and sharing it with us for today's theme! What do you think of this framed, signed tribute????

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