Sunday, 24 September 2017


UPDATE: 8:39AM GMT. 24. 09. 2017: MISSING WHITSTABLE CUSHING BENCH PLAQUE: The is new's GOOD NEWS! First, MANY THANKS to DAVID PERRY, who took the time to send us a message at our PETER CUSHING APPRECIATION SOCIETY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE yesterday, following some inquiries he made... I'll let him tell you the story, in his own words... Again, on behalf of all of us...Thank You David!

' I visited the Whitstable Visitor Information Centre in the hope they may have news about the plaque. The lovely couple I spoke to there had no idea it had gone missing and were quite horrified by the thought someone might have stolen it. They suggested I ask at the local museum. The extremely helpful volunteers, headed by Peter Banbury, were able to put me in the picture and even showed me the plaque presently in their care. They had several theories about how it "went missing" in the first place, but the important thing is it's now in the care of people who will look after it until it can be returned to it's proper place. And lets hope that will be soon.'  . . .

To quote, Peter Cushing as Dr Aber Perry in his film, 'At The Earth's Core'  . . .
'Well Done, David!'  - Marcus

As ever, as soon as I get more news, will keep you all posted ;) Marcus

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