Friday, 29 September 2017


#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY! Today we are proud to share with you the amazing work of Daryl Joyce... I have selected just a few of his pieces that feature Peter Cushing and his work with Hammer films and the Frankenstein films, he appeared in. For me, Daryl has really hit the spot with these paintings. So often I see work that manages to capture a likeness, but the composition seems to have suffered for it! Not in Daryl's case though. Daryl has a link below, that you can contact, should you wish to chat with him..or have any questions. It's had for me to choose a favorite about you??? -Marcus

Daryl:'The Curse of Frankenstein: This is painted in gouache, over three evenings. Size A3'

Daryl:'When I did this painting in August 2017, I didn't want to count my chickens, but maybe after five years of not having much enthusiasm for painting, I was my mojo might have come back - 'course it helps that I love Hammer films and I'm enjoying revisiting them.This was painted in gouache over four evenings in August 2017'.

Daryl: 'The sixth and last Hammer film to feature Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein. It's also number 4 in my effort to paint this hexology, before I move on to a different Hammer baddie. Painted in Gouache (opaque watercolour) over approximately one week'.

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